Caribbean Tennis Association
2023 Puerto Rico August Tournament

What is Impact Team Tennis?
Impact Team Tennis is co-ed teams competing in a format that consists of 6 no-ad sets. One set each of men's and women's doubles followed by men's and women's singles, ending with 2 sets of mixed doubles. Total games won from all sets determines the winner. Substitution and coaching are allowed.
What is a Impact Team Tennis team?
A team must have three men and three women, as a minimum. (10 players maximum). This allows for periods of rest and missing matches.
Who can play?
Adults (18 & over) may sign up as a team.
When do leagues start?
League starts on Thursday, September 8th until Sunday, September 11th, 2022.
What Divisions (levels of play) are offered?
This year the offerings are straight level for the following levels of play:

3.0 and under
3.5 and under
4.0 and under

The minimum of teams to open a division is six. Please disregard the explanation of determining team rating. No player over the team rating is allowed to play.
Determining Team Rating
The average NTRP rating of the top two men and top two women players on your team determines the team rating.
  Joe- 4.5 Mary- 3.5
  Tom- 4.5 Jill-3.5
  Bill- 4.0 Gail- 3.5
  Joe- 4.5 Mary- 3.5
  Jim- 3.5 Joan- 3.0
The best two men and two women are: 4.5 + 4.5 + 3.5 + 3.5 = 16. 16 divided by 4 equals 4.0.
This team could register for the 4.0 division or a higher division. A team consists of a minimum of two men and two women. Although the limit to the number of team members is ten, the suggested number of players is three men and three women. Click here to determine your NTRP level.
Where do we play?
Centro de Tenis Honda, Bayamon
Why register via the Internet?
You are not an official league participant until you have registered online. When you register via the Internet site you will be e-mailed league information during the season and your Impact Team Tennis Member Benefits (Impact Team Tennis Point of Contact Newsletter, discounts on hotel, rental cars, 2 for 1 tickets, plus more).
What is the cost?
The cost per is $40.00 plus 11.5% local taxes.
League winners qualify for aRegional Championship?
Winning teams advance to the Impact Team Tennis Regional Championship. Your team is eligible to participate in a Regional Championship for up to one year from the end date of your league. For every four (4) teams in any official Impact Team Tennis (Impact Team Tennis) local league division, one (1) team will be eligible to participate in a Regional Championship.
Local League Information & Rules:
Rules are published in the Caribbean Tennis Association and PRTA's Facebook page and will be handed to every Captain in their package. The Association is encouraging participation at the Orlando's National Qualifiers on 2023.
For more information contact:
Contact Angela Vargas at (787) 982-7782 xt. 225
Click on the Registration link at the top of the page to register!